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Still hand cutting? Cut rolls into sheets the easy way.


The Sheetmaster is an entry level machine that’s perfect for situations where you need the power and control of automated equipment without the expense of advanced material handling options. It could be all the Sheeter you’ll need for years to come. Click for more information.

Rosenthal Sheeter Model
Rosenthal Sheeters offer the flexibility of built to order systems with the performance and dependability of field proven designs. Whether your application calls for: slitting, punching, rewinding, web guiding or multiple unwinds, Rosenthal can deliver a system to meet your peformance requirements. Available in web widths from .6m to 2.4m. Click for more information.

Rosenthal Servo Sheeter
All of the quality and reliability of a Rosenthal Sheeter with a state of the art servo drive system and PLC control for the ultimate in performance. Cut even the toughest materials with Rosenthal’s proprietary down cut scissors action shear cutting mechanism. Built to order and custom configured with just the options that you need. Available in web widths from .6m to 2.4m. Click for more information.

Rosenthal Sheeter/Stacker
Rosenthal Stackers—How do you stack up? Rosenthal offers five different stacking systems to neatly stack almost any material. Each built to order and optimized for your application. Optional transfer conveyors and integration with packaging machinery. Click for more information.

Convert printed graphics into finished size with speed and accuracy. Available in web widths from 30" TO 5m. Click for more information.

Rosenthal MSH Sheeter
Ideal for super wide applications and special cutting applications such as perforating or partial cuts. The MSH model uses a proprietary heavy duty flying wheel cutting mechanism that can apply 1,000 lbs/in² of cutting force. Available in web widths from .6m to 5m. Click for more information.


Vertical StackerCustom
Does your application require a custom solution? Draw on our vast array of field proven modules to build your next system. Our team of experienced engineers will execute your next custom converting project smoothly and on budget.


Rosenthal Manufacturing designs and builds automation systems for converting rolls to sheets, wide rolls into narrower rolls, long rolls into shorter rolls, large sheets into smaller sheets and custom converting equipment. These systems are commonly referred to as sheeters, slitters, slitter rewinders, roll slitters, stackers, unwinds, roll stands, rewinds, graphics trimmers, panel cutters, lay-up systems, log slitters, bologna slitters and sheet cutters.

Send us a sample roll of your material and we will gladly test it for you on one of our systems: adhesive vinyl, tape, premask, wovens, non-wovens, banner, awning, tent, fabric, leather, suede, film, foam, foam tape,felt, gasket, rubber, paper, PVC, polyester, polyethelene, polyurethane, copper foil, prepreg, PVB, EVA, paper and many other materials.